The Kwik Kerb garden kerbing story began in 1987. The concept of machine extruded concrete landscape kerbing was new at that time and kerb machine owners were often unable to market the kerbing effectively.

The kerbing process and business operation was originally perfected by Kwik Kerb and then offered to others. In fact every major landscape kerbing innovation has been developed by Kwik Kerb R&D.
Kwik Kerb are easily the world leaders in landscape kerb machinery and the Kwik Kerb brand is a household name in many countries. Kwik Kerb concrete kerbing is of the highest quality and Kwik Kerb is a highly respected brand name.

In fact the Kwik Kerb brand is so strong you will find that people don’t ask for concrete edging. They simply ask for Kwik Kerb.


The Edgemaster® was fast and easy to use earning it the title “The Money Machine” from industry publications.In 1986 in Victoria a remarkable new kerb machine was developed. The Edgemaster® concrete edging machine had many innovative features which made it possible for virtually anybody to lay high quality concrete kerbing.

The Edgemaster® has been further developed by Kwik Kerb over the last two decades but is still the ultra-reliable, highly efficient and easy to use cornerstone of every Kwik Kerb business.

The original Edgemaster® machine was then combined with many tools and other supporting equipment to operate a kerbing business. The Kwik Kerb trademark was also established and the basic Kwik Kerb marketing materials and methods were developed and employed to help the new business owners to get started. Kwik Kerb was such a huge success that within the first year more than 50 new business owners were proudly laying kerbs in every State throughout Australia.

The first international expansion soon took place with a Kwik Kerb Distributor established in Auckland, New Zealand. Many more Kwik Kerb systems quickly crossed the Tasman to NZ as Kwik Kerb’s attractive concept grew in popularity.

In 1992 Kwik Kerb opened its first North American sales office with the Kwik Kerb centre in Vancouver BC Canada. Kwik Kerb systems were soon being shipped by the container load as Canadians and Americans took to this great new concept. North America was truly the perfect market for such a unique landscape product and a system that was proven successful in Australia. After much R&D, Kwik Kerb released the Eurostyle® method of kerbing and a whole new era began in the kerbing industry worldwide. Until 1994 nobody had offered any stamped or patterned kerbing. The concept was a huge success and rapidly became the most sought after kerbing in the world.

To this day Kwik Kerb Eurostyle® remains easily the most popular kerbing worldwide and although many have tried to copy it – none has managed to duplicate the beauty and simplicity of the original stamped kerbing.
In 1999 Kwik Kerb established a second North American office with the opening of its Orlando location in central Florida.

In 2002 Kwik Kerb established patents to protect its proprietary tooling to efficiently produce the new Eurobrick® kerbing. This exciting new method of installing kerbing which sports authentic brick mortar joints was not only faster than any other but produced a product that nobody else could duplicate.
In the past decade Kwik Kerb has enjoyed unprecedented international expansion into countries such as Brazil, France, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. With further international expansion on the horizon, the Kwik Kerb brand is going from strength to strength and continues to lead the way in an industry that thrives on innovation.

Kwik Kerb R&D continues to lead the industry standard and in 2014 has launched a new product range available exclusively to Kwik Kerb business owners Kwik Kolour®Kwik Kolour® is a range of concrete colour hardeners designed specifically for the kerbing industry. Such innovation is the hallmark of Kwik Kerb R&D with products which clearly set Kwik Kerb business owners apart from the rest.


Local Experience – Global Strength – World Class Product

Within a few years from its inception, Kwik Kerb had become the number one organisation laying concrete landscape kerbing. Since then thousands of Kwik Kerb business owners have been established in many countries around the world including New Zealand, Canada, USA, France, South Africa, Caribbean, South America, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

Kwik Kerb equipment is designed and manufactured in Australia and when sold internationally it is quality checked and assembled in the country of destination for local users. All Kwik Kerb systems are tailor-made to suit the specific country of destination. This includes fitting the correct electrical components for the local Voltage, as well as compliance with local emission laws for Gasoline engines. Global safety features are also important when machines are manufactured for a world-wide market. This includes innovations like special safety–off switches on some machines and warning labels appropriately located where necessary.

Success in many different countries has been made possible because an established and proven system of operation has been adhered to. When you start a new Kwik Kerb business, you too can follow this formula for business start-up success.


With Kwik Kerb you are dealing direct with the manufacturer

Kwik Kerb
 is the leading manufacturer of concrete landscape kerbing machines in the world. Recent expansion into a ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facility in Brisbane means Kwik Kerb also benefits from the most exacting production standards.

Many different Edgemaster® machine models are manufactured including the GARP model and a versatile wide body machine capable of laying kerb up to 175mm wide and 250mm high. The GARP machine is a totally unique approach to concrete kerbing machine design. Its major components are fabricated using a special process which makes the Edgemaster® the only kerbing machine in the world with a lifetime guarantee against rust. Various worldwide markets for Edgemaster® machines means that special models are also manufactured to suit the particular market for which the machine is intended.

Kwik Kerb has a very extensive R&D department which to designs new machines, attachments and new processes. This continual development of kerbing technology helps to keep Kwik Kerb number one and ensures that every Kwik Kerb business owner is using the best machinery available.